“The Betrayal Saga - Chapter Three: Micah”

It is time.

The chapters of this book are coming to an end.

This book is the final in this saga, and the final chapter won’t end with these heroes.

5 years after the war began, and extreme forces of terrorism came to the United States, the people can’t handle it.

The violence must come to an end, and there’s only one way to stop it.

Brandon (Brandon Pop) and Lionel Clark (Daniel Baker) regroup 2 months after their fight with Micah where Andrew’s body was found missing, and was announced KIA.

Micah starts to lose faith in the Assassin Clan, as begins questioning his loyalty to their cause. Is he a true Assassin? Or is he being used for their progression?

Things start crashing down and burning as the fighting continues; The Resistance’s secrets are being found, Micah and Brandon are being targeted, and the Assassin Clan is at their most powerful!

Will this story end in the prevailing of the heroes? Or will the pages burn like the cities before them?

Find out on July 31st, 2021 @ 3pm PST!

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