ASMR | Thank you in 30 languages (Cupped sounds and hand movements ) ???? - Video

Hello guys!
How are you? How was your day?

This video is my gratitude to you ???? You support me , you inspire me to move on , you inspire me to make new video and stream on Twitch despite all my self-doubts, shyness and other thoughts and interior bounds. You are 1k on Twitch and 600 on YT and I never belived so many people could be interested in me and my content ???? It's amazing!
Usually I make my video in English or Italian ( some will be also in Russian ), but I know you are from all the world here ???????? I use in this video only 30 languages, but I hope most of you will hear your " Thank you!" in your language ????

And I also hope I didn't make many pronounce mistakes ????

Enjoy this video and lot of kisses,
❤Big thank you to Stivo for ✨Time stamps:✨

????Intro 0:00
????????English 1:51
????????Ukrainian 2:40
????????Italian 3:44
????????Russian 4:42
????????French 5:38
????????German 6:24
????????Norwegian 7:18
????????Swedish 8:17
????????Dutch 9:20
????????Portuguese 10:24
????????Spanish 11:00
????????Finnish 11:46
????????Danish 12:41
????????Japanese 13:37
????????Korean 14:40
????????Turkish 15:20
????????Arabic 16:08
????????Greek 16:48
????????Romanian 17:37
????????Hungarian 18:38
????????Bulgarian 19:17
????????Polish 20:03
????????Lithuanian 20:49
????????Vietnamese 21:31
????????Thai 22:17
????‍☠Hawaiian 22:49
????????Swahili 23:33
????????Albanian 24:01
????????Bengali 24:40
????Outro: 25:33

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I’m new in ASMR, but I enjoy it so much and hope you too. I’m trying out different triggers to find out my “style” and I’m open for your suggestions and requires (just leave a comment). I really want to improve my videos, so it’s so important for me your feedback. And if you like and enjoy my content, subscribe and like????

Thank you for watching and see you in the next video

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