CHAOTIC Dice-Based Strategy Kingdom Battler! | Dice Kingdoms: 6 Player FFA | ft. The Wholesomeverse

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Dice Kingdoms is a multiplayer turn-based strategy game where resource collection is based on dice. Build efficiently to quickly expand your kingdom. Roll dice to gather resources while risking natural disasters. Attack and defend while developing your kingdom to achieve victory!

The Let's Try series is a way to preview / review games in order to get my first impressions through the first moments of gameplay.

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Each room type comes with a unique effect that is boosted when the room is placed next to supporting room types. Try to come up with an optimal design that unleashes the full potential of your rooms!

Your opponent shouldn't have started building so close to you... Teach them a lesson by planting a room full of dynamite next to their control room! Or maybe you should shoot at them with a cannon instead?

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