chilling til midnight birthday ★ | playing games with michael - Video

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00:00:00 starting soon
0:05:22 chilling w/ wendy
1:08:30 league w/ wendy, john, celine, shiphtur
2:36:04 gartic phone, ludwig in a box joins
3:35:26 league w/ wendy, celine, shiphtur, sean
4:50:55 lily "wraps" a present, pokemon violet
5:37:14 michael arrives
5:58:45 1-2 switch with michael
6:57:55 brain academy
7:36:05 happy birthday lily and michael!!!

lily plays inside the backrooms
lilypichu and michael reeves
lilypichu birthday stream

#lilypichu #michaelreeves #leagueoflegends
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lilypichu, lily, moments
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