Dead by Daylight (THIS IS LEE'S STREAM NOW, I GUESS) #dbd !discord (ft. @LeesStillGaming)

#dbd #dead_by_daylight
HOWDY GAMERS! I'm gonna do a short stream tonight, as I do work early tomorrow morning. Check out @LeesGaming / @LeesStillGaming for cracked DBD content!
Also, join my Discord!

0:00:00 - Menu/Lobby
0:06:41 - Dwight vs Pig at Torment Creek
0:29:08 - END GAME BILL vs Nemesis at the Pale Rose
0:50:13 - Dwight vs Pyramid Head at Blood Lodge
1:06:40 - Dwight vs Clown at Sanctum of Wrath
1:20:04 - Dwight vs Knight at RPD East
1:33:08 - Dwight vs Trapper at Eyrie of Crows
1:51:09 - Dwight vs Knight at Rancid Abattoir
2:04:00 - Dwight vs Trapper at RPD West
2:17:48 - Dwight vs Blight at the Game (killer DC)
2:22:38 - END GAME BILL vs Nurse at Mother's Dwelling
2:37:22 - Dwight vs Huntress at Lampkin Lane
2:53:26 - Dwight vs Plague at Wreckers' Yard
3:08:07 - Dwight vs Oni at the Game
3:23:07 - Dwight vs Doctor at Grim Pantry (killer DC)
3:33:08 - Dwight vs Wraith at Midwich
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