E3 Harmony Trailblazer Super Break Team vs v2.1 MoC 12 | Honkai Star Rail - Video

E3 Harmony MC ft E6 Xueyi vs v2.1 Memory of Chaos 12

E6 Xueyi | S1 Indelible Promise | 2pc Thief 2pc Watchmaker 2pc Salsoto
E3 HMC | S1 Memory of the Past | 4pc Watchmaker 2pc Talia
E1 Ruan Mei | S5 Meshing Cogs | 2pc Hackerspace 2pc Thief 2pc Talia
E2 Gallagher | S5 What is Real | 2pc Watchmaker 2pc Hackerspace 2pc Keel

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