FFXIV Turns Emotional for Asmongold Favorite Character | DAY 10 - Video

Asmongold faces one of the most emotional parts of his Final Fantasy 14 journey so far. FINAL FANTASY 14 - DAY 10! Asmongold's Final Fantasy XIV Playthrough brings him ever so closer to heavensward, after beating FFXIV Patch 2.4 (Dreams of Ice) and Patch 2.5 (Before the Fall). The story of Moenbryda...

INTRO 0:00
Snowcloak DUNGEON 0:17
PATCH 2.4 STORY 6:46
First Time SHIVA Trial 25:25
PATCH 2.5 STORY 32:36
Keeper of the Lake DUNGEON 46:56
PATCH 2.5 ENDING 1:01:49

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