Galactic Federation and Healthy Skepticism (The Nine and the Primordial Question: part ii) - Video

-In part one, we discussed the details of how the channeling of multiple talented minds, line up with each other and help answer many questions that leave modern science baffled, including an analysis of the gaps in our fossil records. (Go back and watch that one btw)
-Here in part two, let's get deeper into the rabbit hole of this story and hypothesize what it means for us and whether or not we should take these earth-shattering claims seriously or to leave them clean as campfire stories.
-Could it be that the oral traditions of myth and religions all over the world could be more real than we suspected, and if so, would our society be ready for this information bomb drop?
What happened in Atlantis according to Edgar Cayce, and are we at risk of repeating their mistakes as proposed by Nikola Tesla? Is there a common parallel between origins myths of mankind and today's blind spots in science of the genome and DNA?
-Anunnaki and Sumerian Tablets
-Global Flood Myths and the Younger Dryas period
-The Galactic Federation
-The 24 Seeders of Civilizations
-Council of Nine
-Channeling done by Nikola Tesla, Edgar Cayce and Phillis Schlemmer
-Strange Artifacts found that Defy our current line of History
-Commonalities in world Origin Mythology and Religion
-The Fall of Atlantis
-Beings from Specific Star systems
-Blind spots in Societies Understanding
-The Difference between Healthy Skepticism and Ignorance
-How it All ties into Gnostic Lore and Esoteric Science
-Alien Tiddies
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galactic federation, atlantis, Nikola Tesla
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