Great Epochs in American History, Volume I ???? By Francis Whiting Halsey FULL Audiobook - Video

Great Epochs in American History, Volume I. By Francis Whiting Halsey FULL Audiobook
Great Epochs in American History, Volume I is a captivating exploration of pivotal moments that shaped the United States. Compiled and edited by Francis Whiting Halsey, this volume spans from the arrival of Columbus to the construction of the Panama Canal. Let's delve into the rich tapestry of events described by those who witnessed them firsthand:

1. Discoveries Before Columbus:
- The saga begins with the men from Asia and Norway, their voyages, and the first child of European descent born in America.
- We explore pre-Columbian voyages, including those by Americus Vespucius and a gripping battle with indigenous people.

2. Columbus's Momentous Voyage (1492):
- Washington Irving and Columbus himself provide contrasting accounts of the historic discovery.
- We delve into the Bull of Pope Alexander VI, which partitioned America after Columbus's return.

3. The Cabots and Other Explorers:
- John A. Doyle recounts the Cabots' discovery of the mainland.
- Peter Martyr adds his perspective on the same voyage.
- We also explore the seven cities of Cibola and the remarkable journey of Cabeza de Vaca.

4. Balboa and Magellan:
- Manuel Jose Quintana narrates Balboa's discovery of the Pacific.
- John Fiske paints a vivid picture of Magellan's voyage to the Pacific.

5. Verazzano and Cartier:
- Verazzano's exploration of New York harbor unfolds through his own words.
- Cartier's St. Lawrence expeditions are recounted by both John A. Doyle and Cartier himself.

6. Exploring the Southwest:
- Coronado's expedition and the discovery of the Mississippi by de Soto come alive.
- We witness Drake's visit to California and Hudson's discovery of the Hudson River.

7. Marquette and Niagara Falls:
- Marquette's Mississippi journey and his poignant death are chronicled.
- Father Louis Hennepin shares the awe-inspiring discovery of Niagara Falls.

8. La Salle's Epic Voyage:
- Francis Parkman vividly describes La Salle's journey to the mouth of the Mississippi.

This volume weaves together narratives from diverse sources, offering a panoramic view of America's formative epochs. From intrepid explorers to pivotal discoveries, it celebrates the spirit of adventure and resilience that shaped a nation. ????????????
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Norwegian explorers, Americus Vespucius, Balboa
Magellan, Verazzano, Cartier
Cabeza de Vaca, Coronado, de Soto
Drake, Hudson, Champlain
Marquette, Niagara Falls, La Salle

00:00:00 Preface
00:03:13 Introduction
00:11:53 Discoveries before Columbus I: The men from Asia and from Norway by Justin Winsor
00:23:56 Discoveries before Columbus II: How the Norwegians came to Winland (1000 AD)
00:37:12 Discoveries before Columbus III: The first child of European race born in America (About 1000 AD)
00:42:49 Discoveries before Columbus IV: Other Pre-columbian voyages by Henry Wheaton
00:47:06 The Discovery by Columbus (1492) I: as described by Washington Irving
01:00:49 The Discovery by Columbus (1492) II: as described by Columbus himself
01:13:25 The Bull of Pope Alexander VI partitioning America (1493)
01:27:06 The discovery of the mainland by the Cabots (1497) I: the account given by John A. Doyle
01:35:36 The discovery of the mainland by the Cabots (1497) II: Peter Martyr's account
01:40:31 The voyages of Americus Vespucius (1497): Vespuciu's own account
01:55:51 A battle wih the Indians (1497) as described by Americus Vecpucius
02:02:17 The first account of America printed in English (1511)
02:06:15 The discovery of Florida by Ponce de Leon (1512): Parkman's account
02:12:15 The discovery of the Pacific by Balboa (1513): the account by Manuel Jose Quintana
02:26:58 The voyage of Magellan to the Pacific (1520): John Fiske's account
02:49:46 The discovery of New York harbor by Verazzano (1524): Verazzano's own account
03:08:56 Cartier's exploration of the St.Lawrence (1534) I: the account given by John A. Doyle
03:20:20 Cartier's exploration of the St.Lawrence (1534) II: Cartier's own account
03:36:02 Searches for "The seven cities of Cibola" (1530-1540): the account by Reuben Gold Thwaites
03:44:04 Cabeza de Vaca's journey to the Southwest (1535-1536): de Vaca's own account
04:03:48 The expedition of Coronado to the Southwest (1540-1541): Coronado's own account
04:32:31 The discovery of the Mississippi by de Soto (1541): Parkman's account
04:40:24 The death of de Soto (1542) by one of de Soto's companions
04:48:32 Drake's visit to California (1579) by one of Drake's companions
05:08:14 Hudson's discovery of the Hudson river (1609) by Robert Juet, Hudson's secretary
05:24:15 Champlain's battle with the Iroquois on lake Champlain (1609) by Champlain himself
05:33:32 Marquette's discovery of the Mississippi (1673): Marquette's own account
05:44:02 The death of Marquette (1675) by Father Claude Dablon
05:48:43 Discovery of Niagara Falls (1678) by Father Louis
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Columbus, Panama Canal, Discovery
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