He Says She Bought Costumes To Role Play...With Someone Else (Marathon) | Couples Court

1. Brown v. Stewart - A Georgia man is put under surveillance by a private detective to find out if he's cheating on the mother of his child with one of his co-workers.
2. Williams v. Williams - A Texas man accuses his wife of buying sexy costumes to role play with another man.
3. Phoenix v Ricks Jr. - A five-year-relationship is in jeopardy due to a woman's suspicions her boyfriend is cheating with his deceased father's girlfriend.
4. Johnson v. Lane - A Las Vegas woman discovered that her boyfriend attended a naked pool party and the court administers a lie detector test to determine if he's cheating.
5. Sims v. Williams - A man becomes suspicious that his girlfriend may have taken a lover after leaving him on his birthday to go to Las Vegas. Find out what Dr. Heavenly Kimes from “Married to Medicine” helps unveil about this case! 
6. Banks v. Banks - A suspicious husband thinks his older wife may be carrying on an affair with his much younger friend.

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He Says She Bought Costumes To Role Play...With Someone Else (Marathon) | Couples Court

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