I tried to form Russia as Cusco in an EU4 MP game - Cusco series part 2

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Forming Inca changes faith to Inti and we were Sunni so thats why we never clicked the button to form Inca. Keep in mind that Inca does not have unique ideas compared to cusco and that the only thing you get from forming Inca as Cusco is a new color and some prestige.

In this series we started as the small nation of Cusco and became a top 2 great power in development despite the hardships in our way. However entering the late game, we had a huge issue with ideas and unit pips, so I had the genius idea of trying to form Russia as Cusco. This is what happened next.

Europa Universalis 4, also known as EU4 is a grand strategy game that can be played in multiplayer. In this case we started with 75 players in this multiplayer game and went on until the end of the game.

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Yes we really tried to form Russia in this series. Yes its possible, it would take a while but yea its possible.

Title of Video: I tried to form Russia as Cusco in an EU4 MP game - Cusco series part 2

Title of Last Video: Forming a THICK (THICC) NETHERLANDS in EU4 Multiplayer - part 1

Cusco into Russia

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Do people actually read the descriptions or is this just a way for me to get more tags into my YouTube video so the algorithm shares it. If you are reading this hello, don't tell anyone you saw this :)

Next time we play in new world, I expect OP giga buffs to make my game really easy so I can get sick youtube content and smile. Cusco Cusco Cusco
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