I Used To Think Money Can Buy Anything | Short Stories - Video

"Short Stories " Series contain stories about love, family, friendship, and relationships that you have been through in your real life.
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00:00:00 Principal’s too strict with schoolgirls & the price to pay
00:10:28 My Bestfriend Wants To Be Part Of My Family? NO WAY!
00:21:37 I'm Too Perfect To Be Real
00:32:58 I Experienced The Most Dramatic Prom Ever
00:47:04 My Crush Asked Me Out - But Luckily I Said No
00:55:10 I Used To Think Money Can Buy Anything
01:08:56 I Found My Missing Girlfriend On A Web Drama
01:18:48 No man is allowed in my house
01:29:26 I’m Jealous Because My Brother’s My Parents’ Favorite
01:39:18 My Neighbor Is Dating My Dad To Get Revenge On Me?
01:48:33 I Transform Everyday To Get Revenge On My Ex
02:01:45 My Jealous BFF Used My Money To Win My Boyfriend Over
02:15:51 I got betrayed by my best friend but what’s this feeling?
02:25:53 My Life As A Teacher Who Looks Like An Elementary Kid
02:35:16 My BF Saw My True Face After 2 Years Of Relationship
02:45:06 My Life Is Ruined Thanks To My Sister’s Big Mouth
02:53:41 I crush on a Good Boy but ended up with a troublemaker
03:08:30 That’s Why I Feel So Lucky to be Poor

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