Kenji's New Halloween Model Reveal! *Full Stream* - Video

Kenji's New Halloween Model Reveal! *Full Stream*
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Sun Kenji Is a Independent Male Vtuber from the US, who is know for his gaming livestreams on Twitch.TV. Playing horror, games like PropNight, Little Nightmares, Five Nights at Freddy's, Outlast, Gangbeast, poppy's playtime, Devour, and Phasmophobia. He also plays many of twitch's top games like Valorant, Crab Game, GTARP (Grand Theft Auto Role Play ) Getting Over It, and many more! Kenji's friends and fellow creators are DoctordeathVT, imKaiVT and more. Kenji Live Streams On Twitch, Post Videos and YouTube, and Post short form Content on Tiktok as ???? Kenji ☁️ , sunkenji, and sunkenjivt.

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