Lonely banshee resurrects you to be her companion (F4A) [ASMR RP] [Binaural] [Monster girl] - Video

POV: You're dead...a lonely banshee in the woods decides to resurrect you to be her companion.. She has all kinds of plans of things she wants to do with you and she even hums you a little lullaby!

I hope you enjoy this ASMR roleplay! This audio was recorded on my 3Dio microphone please use headphones for the best experience

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Lonely banshee resurrects you to be her companion (F4A) [ASMR RP] [Binaural] [Monster girl] [Brushing] [Humming] [Reverb] [Banshee girl] [Girlfriend ASMR] [Fantasy]

DISCLAIMER: Content in this video is orginal work and any re-uploading, distributing or re-sampling is PROHIBITED and subject to copyright. Please also note that all themes in videos are fictional and do not reflect real world events.

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