Luffy vs Blueno Part 2! Kaku and Khalifa Eat Devil Fruit! One Piece Episode 271 Reaction/Review!

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One Piece Episode 271 Reaction/Review!
Sanji Starts the Gauntlet!
Frantic Search for Luffy and Zoro!
Robin on the Train!
The Truth about Robin!
The truth behind Her Betrayal!
So Robin wasn't Lying??!
We on the Rocket Man!
New Alliances forms!
Usopp Tags In Sogeking!
Sogeking and Franky Start making a move!
Strawhats get fresh Fits!
Zoro vs T-Bone!
Sanji vs Wanza!
Franky vs Nero!
It's Going down on the Puffing Tom!
Zoro Amps Out on T-Bone!
Sanji teaches Wanza his 3 Sins!
Franky make Nero Eat Steel!
Squad is here but Robin Still Trippin'
The Squad vs CP9!
Robin Clutch Usopp!
Blueno vs Sanji and Usopp!
Trust in Luffy!
We Made it to Enies Lobby!
Luffy Infiltrates Enies Lobby!
Fly Rocketman fly!
straw hat all out war!
Luffy vs Blueno Part 2!
Kaku and Khalifa Eat Devil Fruit!

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