Mercury in the sky on 21st December 2022: Will it cause the end of the world?

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#Mercury in the sky on 21st December 2022
The fourth evening apparition of Mercury for 2022 is taking place. Wow! In fact, the second week of December is a good time to start looking for Mercury in the evening sky. The longest point will be reached on December 21, 2022. Plus, that nightfall, Mercury will be 5 degrees from brilliant Venus.

Mercury will seem as a little planet at its highest position above the horizon when it is 20 degrees from the sun in the sky. You can find it before sunset when it is low in the sky.

Where to look: As soon as the sky starts to get darker, look for Mercury in the direction of the setting sun. Try using binoculars to search for Mercury. You might be surprised when it suddenly appears.
When to look: Around December 7, Mercury begins this evening's appearance. Once more, it will vanish at the end of the month.

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