Mike Majlak FINALLY Visits Hasan On Stream

Mike Majlak FINALLY Visits Hasan On Stream to dunk on weirdos, Hasan even manages to change his mind of a couple of heated topics

Hasanabi (AKA Hasan Piker) is an American Twitch streamer and political commentator. He is known for covering the news and discussing politics from a left-wing perspective. He also plays a variety of video games, reacts to funny videos and occasionally checks out memes made by the community.

0:00 conspiracies
18:00 abortion debate
29:50 trans people in sports
39:00 Twitter & friends
48:00 right wing hysteria
1:00:00 Ryan Garcia, Patrick Bet David
1:23:00 mental health, homelessness
1:38:25 Israel Palestine
2:07:00 more right wing conspiracies

Links to Hasan's socials: https://linktr.ee/hasanabiproductions

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