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Joey gaming is a gaming and commentary channel. I do videos on gaming news, Minecraft roleplays, storytimes, and Let's Plays. I'm also known for Livestreams and YouTube shorts. I believe in perseverance even in the hardest of times. My goal for my channel for the next 5 years is to make the YouTube community a more positive place in the world.

Gameplay: Call of Duty MW19

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All ad-vendue from my videos will go back into the channel, this includes buying new equipment, video games, Subscription fees, and more.

All Donations, Superchats, Tips, etc, will go into my college fund

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????-The Server Hub: https://discord.gg/Ve7vBZZ
????-The Joey gaming Community Hub: https://discord.gg/FE9SKw6
????-Joey gaming Studios: https://discord.gg/HGHkFSs
????-The Creators Lounge: https://discord.gg/AE4Esf94Nh
????-The Commentary Lounge: https://discord.gg/kusauz2

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