Rescued by a Very Flustered Mermaid [Strangers to More] [Cute] [Sweet] [Silly] [Culture Clash] [F4A] - Video

[ASMR Roleplay Audio] [Awkward] [So Very Awkward] [Awkwardness Everywhere] [Recluse Speaker] [Very Shy] [It's Adorable Really] [Not Actually a Siren] [Deep Female Voice] script by Fortescue

The last thing you remember is falling off a cliff... You awaken in a rocky cove, but you're not alone. There's a woman here with you... a woman with a... fish tail? And gills? This has got to be a dream... right???

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???? Huge thanks to Fortescue for the script!!

*Nightshade's notes:* Fortescue is a writer I've known for a while, and I've been absolutely in love with the way they write mermaids interacting with humans. I may have been politely pestering them to write something along those lines in ASMR script form for... a good long while, really. And I am absolutely thrilled with the result! This poor, awkward mergirl, she's trying so hard, but she just keeps putting her foot... uh, no... her _fin_ in her mouth.

Mermay made me realize that I've never yet done a mermaid, which is terrible because I happen to love them! So, technically, May is already over for some of you, but it's still May here as I'm posting it, so I'm calling that a Mermay success. XD I hope you all love this character as I do, my dear royal court and royal knights!

???? Become a Royal Knight!

Character art and thumbnail design by me using Clip Studio Paint.
Pose reference used from Anime Pose References on Patreon.
Background modified from a photo by dimitrisvetsikas1969 on pixabay:
Script by Fortescue.

additional tags: f4m, f4f, f4a, f4y, anime girl asmr, girlfriend asmr, monster girl, asmr rp, soft spoken
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