RETURN TO #theinfected | BASE UPGRADES AND NEW UPDATE | #livestream #PC - Video

Thank you for checking out my channel. I play a variety of games from Survival to BR. Games that I am currently into right now are: Fortnite, The Infected, CoD Cold War or MWII(2022/2023) and 7 Days to Die. These aren't the only games I play, although I do tend to play them more often than other games.

Most of my streams are on Twitch ( but I do occasionally stream here on YouTube. If you like my content, please Subscribe here, or Follow me over on Twitch, where I stream more frequently. I appreciate your time.

Hope you stick around and chill with us in the stream.
I'd love to get to know you and have a conversation with you.

If you ever have an questions, please ask.

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