Season 6 DC Episode 1 (Aired Jan 28 2022) | Ready to Love | OWN | Translating the Bull****

Season 6 DC Episode 1 gets right to it without a Casting Special for the first time in the history of Ready to Love (OWN). When you’re flying this blind you gotta do a little more to try to capture the ‘characters’, and that’s the only reason this Translating the Bull**** video is so long. By the end of this video, hopefully you’ll have a decent idea of what you’re getting into with the first 14 people who will become 12 by the end of the night.

While this season may not be any more serious than most other seasons, the one thing it will do is wipe away the memories of the disastrous season 5 DC right away. In the first 14 people, I didn’t see any members of the ‘nightlife’ that were so pervasive in season 5, so maybe everyone this season will do everything ON CAMERA. Many producers have been replaced this season, but the question is if the good ones or bad ones are gone? I guess we’ll see…

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