[Stream Archive] UK Seaside Park 6: Waltzer Ride - Video

Originally streamed on https://www.twitch.tv/andrelczyk on July 17, 2022
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We're continuing the stream archives of our 'Pier Park' series, which is really a whole English seaside village project. In this series, we're building a Seaside Park set in the UK... but this is more than just a single park. We're going to have a Pier with rides, a seaside town and village, a harbor, transportation networks, and a large Blackpool Pleasure Beach style park in the center of it all.

Today's episode sees us build a Waltzer Ride-- a common attraction at English fairgrounds and parks like this. It's similar to a Tilt-a-whirl in the US. We'll do a bit of theming with it, work out some of the technical operations aspects, and build a number of other elements on the pier.

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