The Making of Beggars Banquet of The Rolling Stones FLIPSIDECT PT 3

The Making of Beggars Banquet of The Rolling Stones FLIPSIDECT PT 3

PT3 covers some of the behind the scenes folks that assisted the Stones, the album covers, Brian's Joujouka excursion, and deep song discussions and concert footage and music.
NOTE: THERE MAY BE A FUTURE ISSUE WITH COPYRIGHTs for this documentary, and hoping I do not get any future STRIKES. Advise to watch ASAP!

Each doc takes me 125+ hours to make of my personal time.
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I am by no means declaring my self any expert or know it all, 100% not.
It is very possible that I may have missed some fact or misstated something.

UPDATES: none at this time

This series is a complete documentary will cover the time period Early 1968 - Fall 68.
I describe my findings and thoughts on the the Stones making this album.

I just love The Stones just like you.
This documentary is by no means declared as a professional delivery. It is done with simple IPhone and IMovie,. A DIY project. but takes so many hours.
I am just compiling these details for fans that may NOT know about this timeframe. Also, to prove how great the STONES are.

There are so many doubters of The Stones, and felt there was a need to put this out for us and future fans. From a fan for the fan.
I sincerely hope you get something out of this and enjoy it!
Feel free to leave comments and any constructive information or details.
If there are any impolite/nasty/non-productive comments you will be removed from this channel immediately. I have zero tolerance!

I am grateful there are so many fans and channels that share their knowledge, concert video clips, bootlegs, hard to find outtakes, memorabilia, insights.
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