The Quiet Place Game FT. THE GROUP - Video

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In today's video couch cast teams up with THE GROUP CHAT, starring issacwhy, softwilly, big T, larry, and Yumi. we get quiet, they get smiet, some would even say our neighbors get pie it. the couch cast and the group chat in this video play the quiet place game, a game based on the movie "the quiet place" where 2 monsters are blind folded and have nerf blasters and must eliminate the survivors while the survivors have to complete challenges before they can make a break for it and escape to win the round. this video is absolutely crazy, wacky, insane hilarious, funny, inane, perfectly cut, juicy, slimy, cheesy, deep, and will help you find the meaning of life, so make sure to watch to the very end, and rewatch it 100 more times fully through.

Take a seat, see what we're up to:
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