THE WILDE GIRLS | Official Teaser - Video

Coming to Theaters 2024. 102 min.

The year is 1932. Two clueless socialite heiresses with zero survival skills find themselves lost in the wilderness with a price on their heads. An unenthusiastic alliance with a misanthropic mountain man may be their only chance. Lydia Pearl Pentz, Cali Scolari and Teddy Smith star in this family western comedy with Susan Goforth, Heidi Kravitz, Matt Silver, Jeremy Moller, Lydia Scheuermann, Chelsea Janzen, Roman Dubrovskiy, Joanne Scorcia, Colin Buckingham, Bernie Bauman, Bogdan Yakubets.

From director writer Timothy Hines (Tomorrow's Today - Kelly Le Brock, Burt Young, 10 Days in a Madhouse - Christopher Lambert), Produced by Susan Goforth (Tomorrow's Today, 10 Days in a madhouse), Matt SIlver (Miranda's Victim - Abigail Breslin, Donald Sutherland, Luke Wilson), Andy Hundis and Dominick Martini (Tomorrow's Today, The Brawler - Amy Smart), property master Jennifer Stutz.
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