Tsundere Girlfriend Spoils You With Love ASMR | [FDom] [GF Roleplay Comfort Sleep Aid] - Video

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Not quite a possessive girlfriend roleplay! This is similar to a bully girl asmr instead! Like my other yandere girlfriend asmr roleplays. Let me know what else you would like to see me make! I make anime asmr content, playing different anime characters in the asmr, usually girl asmr. Kinda like ASMR Tingles and other sounds to make you sleep. This is not a goth girlfriend asmr, and This is not a Dom Girlfriend asmr either! This is a yandere girlfriend / yandere girl asmr roleplay... which is my favorite!

Similar to my other dom bully, tsundere bully, goth bully, and other audios.

#asmr #girlfriend #roleplay
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ASMR, whisper, sleep
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