xQc Calls NECKMERCS A Fake About The Gambling Deal - Video

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I started this YouTube channel to serve as daily compilations for the subreddit LivestreamFail. Instead of going to that messy website to go through hundreds of low-upvote boring clips, you can watch these compilations I make of the most upvoted ones for the day to catch up on your LSF reddit needs and move on with your wonderful day :)

0:00 - xQc: xQc calls NECKMERCS a fake about the gamba deal
1:01 - Sodapoppin: ...Poke
2:01 - Masayoshi: Masayoshi gets his own chat banned from twitch by telling them to say they are under 13
3:02 - Squeex: Vivek Ramasqueexy only wants to discuss serious issues
3:31 - NymN: BillyApprove
3:44 - Sodapoppin: #There's nothing there Poke Clueless
3:56 - Sodapoppin: God Tier Devs
4:33 - Sodapoppin: Soda carried the run
4:54 - Sodapoppin: Strippin protects the crew
5:14 - Pokimane: Poki loses at Don't Scream before the game has even started
5:28 - Sodapoppin: regular work day
5:53 - jakenbakeLIVE: Tengaman finds his soulmate
6:18 - SmoothVoodoo: Streamer get his van broke in while he was gone walking
7:18 - Sodapoppin: Rob hits a dead end
7:49 - Sodapoppin: Godspeed Strippin
8:15 - Sodapoppin: Rob saves the day
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