Your Long Distance Girlfriend Is A Mafia Boss - (ASMR Roleplay) [F4A] - Video

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Hello everyone! Welcome back to another ASMR Roleplay video! Its been so long for a mafia boss roleplay! This one is a little bit more sweet! I hope you like it!

You’ve been waiting a long time to meet with your online significant other for a few years, but you’re excited to finally have an opportunity to meet with them face to face for the first time. With how they’ve spared no expense for your first proper date, you’ve begun to wonder if they’re some wealthy socialite who has put off meeting you until they were certain you wouldn’t take advantage of them. Little do you know, they’ve come to convince you to keep your distance from each other as the life they live is one they fear of dragging you into

Art Made By: reoxx
This was commissioned!

Script Written By: BluechanXD
Reddit: u/BluechanXD

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